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1. Added value:

It is hard to say how much interior design can add to the value of your rental property, but one thing for sure is that tenants will be more likely to opt for fully furnished home that looks appealing and liveable when deciding between similarly rental and location options

2. Making it a hit:

First impression is extremely important! Upon completion, our professional photographer will capture photos of your property and made sure it is picture-perfect to attract potential tenants

3. Captivate Tenant:

We are confident that upon completion, your property will stands out amongst the properties out there that are ready to be rent out. Your prospective tenants will definitely be impressed by our design.

1. Tenant Oriented:

We know what tenants want and we tailored everything to tenant’s exact needs.

2. Professional:

Years of experience in this industry provides us with the skill to make your property functional and comfortable

3. Be inspired:

We find out what you think that might make it extra special, then sprinkle in our own special little touches to help create your dream home.

4. Affordable:

We understand that budget. Our team are trained to maximised impact on your budget

5. Hassle Free:

Its stress-free! From the initial concept through to the planning and design stages and final implementation, we get it done.

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